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Our Mission

Oasis Pet Rescue was founded in Bartow, FL on March 9th 2023 by best friends Sarah and Emily. If you ask them why they started Oasis they will likely tell you that it's because they are crazy. In many ways they are. Both quit high paying jobs and dove headfirst into the chaos that is Florida animal welfare in an effort to prevent good dogs from dying in underfunded and forgotten rural shelters.

The real catalyst for the rescue being founded was a kill list for a rural shelter in Sebring, Florida. The list contained more than 10 dogs and each was described as friendly and good with other dogs. The girls started their rescue the next day, called to ask about pulling the dogs on the list and found out they were already dead. That's where the journey began.

Since then Sarah and Emily have saved more than 300 dogs from rural shelters all over Central Florida. They have learned a lot as they go and plan to save even more lives in 2024.


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